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I’m not a mountain man…or a nudist.


Howdy, I’m Justin.

that-a-wayThat’s the coolest picture of me that I could find.

I’m on top of a mountain. In the middle of winter.

My daughter says I look like a “mountain man”. Well, here’s a secret: The hike nearly killed me.

I have another picture of my friend and me on the top of another mountain also in the middle of winter. We thought it would be hilarious to take a photo of ourselves naked.
It was hilarious.
I didn’t post that photo because my friend would probably push me off a cliff the next time we went hiking.

Also, this is not THAT kind of blog.

Can you think of any really great things you did that were easy?
I can’t.

There are lots times that I want to quit. Like, when my legs won’t go anymore but I’m only half-way up the mountain. That’s when things really suck. It hurts. Bad. The whole adventure seems like a terrible idea. And I just want to sit my butt down in the snow     and . . .   s t o p.

   Work is like that.
         Art is like that.
             Faith is like that.
                 Love is like that.

But check it out: If you DO make it to the top, you get to see some pretty amazing stuff. It means more because you’re actually there.  And it means more because it hurt so bad to get there.

I don’t exactly understand it, but I’m pretty sure that’s the way life is.

In my experience:

                 Love is like that.
             Faith is like that.
        Art is like that.
   Work is like that.

This is a blog about adventures in doing this stuffThe stuff that is important to me.

(And also hiking up an actual mountain on occasion.)

Want to know something? Adventuring alone is ok, but adventuring with other people is way better.

Taking a picture on the top of a mountain by yourself in your birthday suit is
a) hard
b) creepy.

Taking a picture on the top of a mountain in your birthday suit with a pal is really funny.

What was the last adventure that you had? What did you see at the top? If you’re brave enough, let me know in the comments.

(down there)




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